logo-festivalFrom July 18 to August 3 in our area are celebrating the fortieth year of the Festival della Valle d’Itria with a cultural program of great importance.
To usher in the year 2014 will be a work of great value music and drama, the work of Alfredo Casella “The snake woman” based on the play by Carlo Gozzi.
The second book will be a real “party play”, through which the festival will further contribute to the discovery and exploitation of the schools Puglia – Neapolitan. This is the work of Traetta “Armida”, declination of Lully’s Baroque masterpiece.
The Festival offers, besides the works cited, and many different proposals side, among which the three concerts the result of a major professional collaboration between Italy, Britain and Estonia.
At the end of the festival there will be a big party with video projections, choreography by dancers and acrobats, singers and music. An emotional tribute to the prestigious history of the Festival.