On 13 June it was announced the list drawn up by Legambiente and Touring Club with the most beautiful seaside resorts of Italy.

In the first eight positions are occupied by three places in Puglia: Ostuni, Otranto and Melendugno.
The prestigious award recognizes the quality of tourism, the protection of the territory and services offered in the environment, winking good food.
All the Apulian territory, calling for warm and hospitable, located in this town its purest expression: Ostuni, with its environmental management system certificate, protecting the territory and offers its tourists bus service and bike extremely organized; Otranto, with its project cycle routes extended to neighboring towns, invites tourists to discover interesting natural sites; Melendugno with its beautiful unspoilt coastline, is favored by the species of turtle “Caretta Caretta” that nests here for over fifteen years.
But the seaside resorts are just some of the reasons to visit Puglia.
The ranking compiled by Legambiente and Touring Club recognizes, in fact, the French Agricultural Park of Olives Secular among the top ten tourist areas Italians for their beauty and quality of services.
Besides the mentioned excellences Puglia is rich with enchanting views, just begging to be discovered …otranto